Learning is the basis of life. All living beings are cognitive beings. It seems teaching is an activity that got invented in the context of modernity. With large scale penetration of literacy in Europe, in the 15th century modern man might have felt the need to 'teach' children how to read and write. Till then children could learn anything without assistance. Everything else in nature learns because learning is the nature of living. For all those close to nature it is very evident that inspiration, insight, instinct, intuitive capabilities, centeredness, empathy and expanding love (non-separateness) all come as effects of the interaction of human beings with nature.

We have to reconstruct spaces for true learning; Conditions that enable formation of human beings who are rooted in the laws of nature, sustainable, nature centric and inclusive .May be, partnering with nature helps us seeing things as they are & doing things as they ought to be done. As an individual one learns through observation, through experience - from family, society, and their surroundings. One may live as a part of learning community AND learn socially/ collaboratively/ experientially as one lives life.

Whatever that has been natural to children is being taken away from them. Playing, sharing, loving, making of toys, exploring their surroundings, exposure to nature and natural processes etc. After cordoning off children from the world we are attempting to teach them the word. Their creativity, natural curiosity towards the existential questions, cognitive process are damaged and distorted in this process.