Just as we are interested in creating scenarios to awaken the inherent senses and abilities in children, we are interested in understanding what is required for a women to awaken her power and inner knowing through pregnancy and birth. The irony is that now more than ever, we have almost unlimited access to information about pregnancy and birth, and yet for the most of us, we enter labor unprepared. Just as we assume the education system will take care of our children, we assume that doctors will take care of "delivering" our babies.

Natural birth is not well understood by humanity anymore because modern women rarely go through it and the medical establishment rarely sees it. We have forgotten that birth as the entire process is significant, not just the end result of the baby out of the mother. The hyper-focus on the end result has marginalized the entire experience of birth. 

Pregnancy and childbirth offers women a rare chance to fully connect with her senses, including sensing and communicating with her baby. It also provides an opportunity to harmonize with Life and connect with the Eternal. Birth can affirm the wisdom of the body and the value of trusting nature...