Remagining Natural Birth

Parenting, one of the most natural phenomena that happens to all living beings, has become a little skewed in the modern times. In the animal kingdom the instinct guides and the creature follows. This seems to be replaced by the knowledge guiding and us slowly losing our instinct. Currently, most young parents are going by the prevalent trends in parenting, wanting the best for their child. Most schools follow a similar timetable and similar curriculum designed with conformity and linear thinking in mind. At the same time, many parents are also choosing to home school their children. Still the focus remains on teaching the child, unwittingly, undermining the child's inherent intelligence and self learning capacity. A need is felt to relook at learning and growing afresh; to consider these two as integral to the living processes; to ask the unasked questions.

Modern Parenting

Modern parenting has become over parenting which stifles the children, makes them emotionally and intellectually dependent, killing creativity and sensitivity. Over concern about schooling and education is making parents to become teachers, forgetting that the child's first lesson in life has to be how to be a good mother or a father, how to love, care etc. But now children are learning to be teachers as instructions, as do's and dont's are what children experience at home. By our unnecessary intervention, as parents and later as teachers, we dumb down their intelligence. We start conditioning the child by 'helping' and instructing.