Helpless ness and humility creates a peculiar energy very different from the feeling of ‘I can’. We are inviting people to join us in feeling helpless, small and humble in front of the immensity, the mystery  and beauty that life, nature, existence present to us every moment.

You are invited to be part of the rethinking process at all levels

A. Enquiring why we need knowledge/ what knowledge we want and how that knowledge is created in line with nature's need for knowledge. Is it possible to replicate this process consciously? Exploring how much knowledge is needed to live a simple, healthy life.
B. Enquiring in to the secrets/ mysteries of the world without getting alienated in the process. Knowing nature by being nature and being in nature
C. Initiating common sense research to help parents and teachers to regain control over their authentic knowing and to study damages of present schooling
D. Being part of the research on beauty, value, truth
E. To extend the research to higher education.
F. Being part of the enquiry and research happening at Kurunji and Khechare.